Client: Dagrofa
The very first project as senior designer in FFW and this job ended at my table. A super cool project full of playful concepts and free design spirit - I love this way of working.

Official website

2015 - Client Owner FFW
FFW was tasked with creating a strong digital presence for MENY in only two months. Dagrofa’s existing supermarket, Superbest, needed to be rebranded under the new brand called MENY with a whole new website and an unique design. Dagrofa needed a website where food was the center of the user experience. The design needed to visually show everything from recipes, product information, and wine clubs to the local stores and their store managers. We designed signups flows for MENY's customer club and made a engaging design to show MENY's products.

Unique and strong design and layout

2016 - Client Owner FFW