Client: Torm
Probably the oldest client I've ever had ;-) TORM was founded in 1889 and has sailed the seas for 130 years. The assignment was to create a strong, proud digital presence where investors and clients without thinking will be presented for the most relevant content.

Official website

2016 - Client Owner Bysted
Website succes criteria:
Investors must have quick access to important dates and milestones for TORM
Customers need to find a thought or need contact. But also enjoy the stories.
Employees must be able to see themselves as the site radiates and must attract a certain type of employee.
Shareholders; The large institutional companies must have insight into what they buy into.

Versatility and motivation are crucial

2016 - Client Owner FFW
TORM differentiates itself from the others, by also being second only to ships.
We show the industry - not just the ship.