Client: Krista Bella
Krista Bella contacted me to solve a very specific task. She wanted to invest in a sales channel that could serve her target audience without having to be in physical contact or set aside time for consultation. But before this could evolve, the whole brand identity needed a loving hand

Visual identity

But first thing first
The core of the project was to create a channel that could put Krista Bella's colonial knowledge into an online universe conveyed in an aesthetic and simple way.
In order to create this universe that we were digitally launching, a new visual identity had to be created.

Design workshop with lots of creativity, talk about life and beautiful things

It was great to meet Krista Bella again and visit her at her home. Linoleum, various utensils and tarot cards were lined up and we were ready to go to war to come up with ideas for print and logo.

Folder design

Let's do a pregnancy folder

This is number 1 of 3 publications. First Pregnant. Then Birth. And last Post birth.

Website and sales channel

‍‍Simplero had the right components and tools to take all the projects idea and designs into a real website package, where Krista Bella could actually begin evolving her univers.

Client: Stine Pedersen
Stine came to me for help to create her website and visually identity since she graduated as a therapist.
She needed to have her very own universe with roots deep in compassion, abundance and selfcare.