Co-founding: hagglestar
When I'm not designing for clients or freelancing, I design and develop the hagglestar concept. My partner, Michael, and I have created the best app idea. hagglestar is available in App store and goggle play.

Say goodbye to taxi scams

hagglestar is the very first app that helps travelers avoid taxi scams. The app shows you the average price for a taxi ride in foreign countries, to help you haggle a fair price. Lean more by visiting the website and download our app :-)

Client: VisitDenmark
I'm freelance visual designer for VisitDenmark and did also design for the organisation when I was hired by Bysted and FFW.

Official website

2016 - Client Owner FFW
Together with VisitDenmark and FFW we made an optimized version of the already existing portal to integrate more functionality and visual components.

Client: Wonderful Copenhagen
Back in 2014 Lea was lead designer on a very cool project owned by Bysted. We made Wonderful Copenhagen more modern, visually playful and conceptual strong.

Official website

2013 - Client Owner Bysted
Wonderful Copenhagen needed a strong visual digital concept with the ability to create more focused content and show Copenhagen as a capital with on going dynamics, wide range of opportunities and a city with high capacity.

Mobile tourist

In 2013 it was very important to be a part of the responsive wave, and of course the website also needed to follow that path.

Modern typography

Yay! We could integrate a whole new font! Someone that made the layout stand out.

SoMe integration

Back then Instagram was relatively new i Denmark, and we helped Wonderful Copenhagen to be visible on Instagram to get even more followers and visitors.

Colors and icons

We designed a system for both color and icon use.