Hello! My name is Lea and I'm a holistic thinking creative digital designer.
I design, optimize and prototype websites, apps, products, services & digital identities.

Copenhagen based freelance digital designer with strong passion for designing websites, apps, visual identities and brainstorming new ideas and creative solutions.

I've been designing for ages with professional experience from a wide range of design agencies, such as Eksponent, FFW, Bysted andPixeldot.


Hagglestar, VisitDenmark, NaturTurisme, Wonderful Copenhagen
I love to travel and for more than 5 years I've been designing digital solutions for various tourist information organisations in Denmark.


Dagrofa, Spar, Kiwi
Food is an important part of our lifes, specially food with high nutrition level, prepared nicely and mostly organic. Being able to design visual presentations for food companies with fantastic delicious image banks is absolutely one of my favorites.


Maersk, Torm, Clean Coast
The ocean is one of our biggest interests and concern. We've been working with some of the biggest shipping companies in the world and hope for even greater responsibility from their side and wishing for a future with cleaner oceans free from plastic pollution and oil.


Stine Pedersen, Camilla Willumsen, Krista Bella, Yoga By Choice
I have also given my love to therapists and health advocates who want to start up from scratch with a new strong visual universe. I've met the most devoted people who are strongly passionate about their profession.

Public sector

Frederiksberg, København, Stevns, Varde, Kend din ret
Working with different kinds of people in the public sector gives me great insight in various people's needs and the ability to design for more than one target group and their behavior.

Annual report

TDC, VisitDenmark
For 4 years in row I was lead designer on TDCs annual report and have designed the annual brief for VisitDenmark. This has given me a great  understanding of the structure of annual reports and the best way of communicating numbers and stats.


Spejder, Ulles Univers, Drage Yogi, Kend din ret
Oh my, kids have such a great impact on us. Their logical sense and their intuitive way of learning has inspired me a lot. I love designing universes for kids weather it's for learning or pleasure.

I go for a project in a holistic way. Why holistic? Because it means so much more to me than just a word. To have a holistic approach both in life and the way I work is crucial to me.

Seeing the whole picture instead of isolated parts, makes my work thousands of times more meaningful and powerful.

Strong portfolio. I'm a Senior Digital Designer with expert competences in digitization and implementation of critical web projects with a holistic approach in large corporations such as TDC, Meny, Mærsk, Visit Denmark, Torm but also a wide range of various municipalities.
Specializing in user-centered design, usability and navigation flows as well as experience in both concept and creative work, delivering concepts descriptions, presentations, static design, online prototypes, storytelling and more.

Experience. For more than 10 years I've been digital design lead on a wide range of very different projects.
I possess an in-depth understanding of design and visual concepts and has through several years of close cooperation with developers gained a wide technical understanding, which gives a strong insight on all aspects of digital projects.

Skills. Among my other skills are user experience, usability, navigation flows and prototyping. I have a great passion for both concept and creative work, and deliver concept descriptions, presentations, static design, online prototypes, storytelling and more.
It is also a great passion for me to design visual identities for smaller startups and professionals, and my niche audience are therapists, midwifes, coaches and yoga teachers, whom I have a special love for.

Awards. Has proven track-record of successful projects and contributed to win awards such as Winner of Drupal award, Best Drupal Public Website, Best Drupal Intranet (Gold) and for a company we won the award third times for the contribute to an employee magazine.

Contact me
+45 40 62 27 69