A little bit about me

Over the past 12 years, I have designing for very different clients and agencies. Below is a selection of work I have been involved in and been lead designing on over the past 3 years.

Born and raised in the city

I am 40 years old, and live together with my husband, our 6-year-old wonderful boy, our australian dog Jack and 3 cats. In the winter of 2021, we got serious about our extreme homesickness and moved to Møn in a small homestead in a very small town outside Stege. We went from a 68 m2 small apartment to a 200 m2 home and a 80 m2 guesthouse apartment. The garden is a chapter by itself and contains just under 4800 m2, and borders Stege Nor with the most beautiful sunset.

Bdk bager- og konditormestre i Danmark

Seeking inspiration in the nature

Nature plays an important role in my family's life and we try to combine nature and everyday life as far as possible. I look for inspiration in nature and find peace for my next project here in the middle of the beautiful landscape.

Bdk bager- og konditormestre i Danmark

The eager to create

Ever since I was very little, I have found great joy in creating things. The best subject at school was the creative subjects. I designed jewels, clothes and small furniture. I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer for the very big stars.
However, my passion for entrepreneurship was really ignited as my horizons became more digital, and I came up with concepts and searched for digital ideas. At the family parties, any conversation could turn into having to develop an app for a specific need.

Digital mindset

Since 2010, I have specialized in usability, user-centered design, user experience, concept development, prototype design and small entrepreneurship. I'm a bit of a geek, and therefore I'm also quite happy to be able to deliver functional websites to my clients. I layout and publish e.g. websites in Squarespace and Webflow. Although my starting point is digital, I am also quite happy to make publications and other offline products.

Bdk bager- og konditormestre i Danmark
Bdk bager- og konditormestre i Danmark

My mindset has changed over the years, and where before I was determined to succeed through work for the very large companies, I now also seek to help the small and medium-sized companies to bring their dream and passion to life.

Design is for everyone, and everyone deserves to express themselves aesthetically, professionally and effectively in the digital world.

My approach to the task is based on a holistic and present approach. It means the world to the project and our collaboration that I have an all-round understanding of you, your company and your wishes, as well as understand what kind of person you are or what profile your company has, in order to better reach each other and the goal at a higher level.

Seeing the whole picture rather than isolated parts is a strong starting point for promoting the good process.

Conceptual ideas

Bdk bager- og konditormestre i Danmark


Web design, digital identity, startup

hagglestar is the very first app that helps travelers avoid taxi scams. The app shows you the average price for a taxi ride in foreign countries, to help you haggle a fair price.

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Born and raised in the city, and have absorbed knowledge from the best over the years and now creating my own digital nomad adventures from Møn.
My creative hub in the middle of the most beautiful surroundings, and this is where I will design your next project. Working as a hybrid, no worries I'm quite mobile.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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