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Bager- og konditormestre in Danmark hired me to design a completely new digital universe for bkd based on an already existing design guide. I needed to clarify what were the most important objectives of the site from a design point of view.

This project is made in collaboration with
As part of the clarification phase, a mini workshop/work meeting with design clarification exercises was carried out. Here, a number of values and design positions were identified, prioritized and discussed. The values aim to set the direction and framework for the new visual design. The input is collected below and forms the design brief for the work with the visual design.
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It is crucial that BKD's new digital presence visually expresses itself in a simple and clear way. Simplicity and user-friendliness are values that the website must prioritize in order to embrace the target group with their diverse requirements for information retrieval. The company's new visual profile must maintain a factual and credible line and approach to stakeholders.The target group ranges widely in terms of age (with a focus on 55+), and it is therefore important to keep the site simple, appealing and user-friendly, and to create visual cohesion in an intuitive and relationship-building way.The design must stem from the Nordic look, and emphasize quality and a high level of consulting. All this wrapped up i values like simplicity, userfriendly, trustworthy and quality.

To make a long story short

Together, we have reviewed your new design guide and have come to the conclusion that the elements of the overall guide are valid, but that we want to turn the existing design approach and its application up a bit.
The wish is to create a simple and Nordic look, where the identity is clear and unique for this industry association.

My reflections in relation to the proposal

We do not tinker with the logo, and use the simple logo in the header. Stamp logo can be used as a recognizable element either as a watermark on content backgrounds (same color - different tone).

The colors are prioritized in primary and secondary. We work on forming color pairs and rules for using combinations. (Here the exercise was to accommodate web accessibility in terms of color contrasts, but also to create interplay between colors in the identity.)

Teal should be used as the primary colour, and together with white, black and Cinnamon, for example. make the color palette unique and classic/calm so that we retain the reference to the classic and Nordic-inspiring environment.
We talked about an accent color and we excluded the use of thyme (green) and BKD red. When choosing an accent (CTA) color, web accessibility and use of colors must be taken into account.

The contrast ratio must be kept in mind and be a ratio of 4.5:1 or higher. The golden is only used for the logo, but we can incorporate secondary golden colors, Cinnamon and Cardamon.

Graphic elements

Icons/illustrations do not really exist today, but there was an openness to incorporate them, but as being more simple and can be used in conjunction with backgrounds, text boxes, subtle decoration or graphic images if images are not always available. The expression must clearly be simple and classic and depart strongly from the icons shown in the workshop ;-)

The font on the site is Google's Montserrat, and we use different weights of the font to create contrast and hierarchy. A free web font, for use with body text, may be searched. Montserrat is a wide font, which does not always look good with longer amounts of text.

Layout and grid will be based on a perception of presenting the content more dynamically, inspiringly, welcoming and at the same time intuitively.

The next delivery will be a style tile, which visualizes style and tone based on the brand elements and fictitious web design elements. A kind of extended digital mood board, as well as ideas on the front page.

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